Enjoy a delicious meal together and catch a movie at the cinema? That’s exactly what you can do with the Happy Italy Cinema Deal!

With our special Cinema Deal, you’ll get a large pizza or pasta of your choice* and a cinema voucher together for only €15.50. This makes dining out and going to the movies very affordable! Perfect for a date night, a fun evening with friends and family, or just as a treat for yourself.

Also nice; our fresh pizzas and pastas are served quickly, and our restaurants are almost always located near cinemas. That way you don’t have to rush for the movie and can comfortably relax in the cinema seat after your meal.

*The Cinema Deal isn’t valid in our location Schiedam. 

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  • The Cinema Deal is valid at Happy Italy from Monday till Thursday, excluding public holidays and the Christmas vacation.
  • Choice of selected pastas and pizzas: pizza Contadina, Margherita, and Delizioza, and pasta Bianca, Alfredo and Pomodoro. For an additional charge of €3, you can also order any other pizza or pasta of your choice.
  • With the purchase of one of the above dishes, you will receive one Cinema E-voucher, valid from Monday till Thursday, for a total price of €15.50.
  • The Cinema E-vouchers can be redeemed from Monday till Thursday, excluding public holidays and the Christmas vacation.
  • Valid only in the restaurant.
  • The Cinema E-vouchers cannot be purchased separately.
  • The Cinema E-voucher can be redeemed at all cinemas and most film theaters in the Netherlands.
  • The Cinema E-voucher is valid for one 2D cinema ticket. Additional charges may apply for 3D, Dolby Atmos, IMAX, 4DX, and Screen X at the cinema’s discretion.
  • The Cinema E-voucher can only be redeemed at the cinema or film theater box office and cannot be redeemed online.
  • The Cinema E-voucher is valid for 2 years after purchase and does not need to be used on the same day as your visit to Happy Italy.

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