Please note: currently only available at the following locations: 

Step 1: Choose your delivery platform:

* At this location, it is not (yet) possible to place an order through this delivery platform

Currently, we have limited delivery times. Check the order page of the location for the most current times when an order can be placed. 

This is how delivery works at Happy Italy:

Step 1

Select a delivery platform

Step 2

Place your order

Step 3

Wait for the courier

Answers to your questions can be found here!

How can I track the status of my order?

It varies depending on the delivery platform.

For Thuisbezorgd: Click on the ”Track your order” button in the email you received from Thuisbezorgd.

For UberEats:
1. Open the Uber Eats-app.
2. Tap the Receipt icon on the bottom menu bar.
3. Tap Scheduled to select your current order.
4. Tap Track to view the status of your order.

Can I modify my placed order?

After placing an order, it is currently not possible to make changes to it.

Where can I use Delivery?

Delivery is possible at all Happy locations, with exception of Sandelingen. Please check the current opening hours per delivery platform at the above-mentioned locations.

When can I place a Delivery order?

This varies by location. Check the order page of the location for the most current times when an order can be placed.

How can I pay for my Delivery order?

This varies by delivery service:
With UberEats, you can pay using iDeal, Paypal and (Prepaid) Credit Card.
With Thuisbezorgd, you can pay using the above-mentioned methods as well as cash, Pin at home, Bitcoin, Apple Pay, VVV Gift Card, Google Pay and Takeaway Pay.

Whom can I call about my placed order?

For questions about your placed order, you can contact 085-0181869 (please have your oder number ready).