Everything for a Tasty Veganuary

Are you participating in Veganuary? In other words, Vegan January? Then we have some delicious news for you! Our latest specials, Pasta ‘Meatballs’ and Pizza Spicy ‘Meatballs,’ are completely vegan and irresistibly tasty. Moreover, you’ll find many more vegetarian and vegan dishes on our menu to choose from.

Are you taking on the challenge this month to go 31 days without eating meat and other animal products? Then Happy Italy is the place to be. A significant portion of our pizzas and pastas can also be ordered as a vegan option. How about our Pizza Vegan Doner with flavorful vegan kebab or a creamy Pasta Vegan Tartufo di Pollo with vegan chicken and truffle tapenade?

You can kick off the year with our new specials too. Go for the Pizza Spicy ‘Meatballs’ with tomato sauce, vegan Italian meatballs, cherry tomatoes, bell pepper, red onion, spicy sauce, and vegan grated cheese. Or try our Pasta ‘Meatballs’, less spicy but equally delicious! Going out for a meal, even during Vegan January, is a (vegan) piece of cake!

Our specials, Pasta ‘Meatballs’ and Pizza Spicy ‘Meatballs,’ are available from January 3rd to February 6th, 2024.