New: decorate your own pizza

Little pizzalovers, pay attention! Happy Italy introduces a complete new menu with also a new item especially for kids: Decorate Pizzas! The name says it all; you can decorate these pizzas the way you like it. So take your parents to Happy Italy and enjoy!

New: Decorate Pizzas
With our new Decorate Pizzas, you’ll top your own pizza like a true pizza chef. After your pizza is baked in the oven, it is served with delicious toppings in separate trays. This way you decide exactly what your pizza will look like. Decorate a savory pizza with a funny face of cherry tomatoes, red peppers and salami. Or transform our sweet version with Nutella into a colorful artwork with toppings like Smarties, mini marshmallows and cookie crumble.

Happy Kids Menu
What’s more fun than a unicorn? A Unicorn Pizza of course! This enchanting sweet pizza with sweet pink cream, cotton candy and candy toppings was recently available as a special and is now here to stay on the menu. In addition to our Decorating Pizzas and Unicorn Pizza, we are launching even more new kid dishes. Little pasta lovers can now enjoy our creamy Pasta Pesto and we are also adding the popular Pizza Hawaii to our assortment. Extra fun: did you know that all our savory kids pizzas are served in a fun shape with cute rabbit ears?

And there is even more! From March, 27th, you will receive a large coloring page with pencils as well as a surprise toy with every kids dish! At Happy Italy we truely make dining out with the whole family one big party.