New new new!

Oh yes! Starting from March 27th, we are launching our new menu with 8 new pizzas and 6 new pastas! And as if that’s not enough, we have also expanded our kids menu with great kids dishes. So book a table soon so you can be there when our new pizzas come out of the oven.

New pizzas and pastas
Have you fallen in love with one of our specials lately? Then we have good news for you. Many of these delicious pizzas and pastas are now here to stay on our menu. Did you just miss them? Now you have plenty of time to try our new favorites!

Wondering which pizzas you really should come and try? Here they come: Pizza Spicy Chicken, Pizza Kapsalon, Pizza Spicy ”Meatballs”, Pizza Teriyaki, Pizza Nacho, Pizza Cheeseburger, Pizza Seafood and for dessert our mini Happy Apple Pie Pizza.

If you are more ‘team pasta’ then these might just be your new favorite: Pasta Alfredo, Pasta Spicy Tomato, Pasta Spicy ”Meatballs”, Pasta Spicy Chicken, Risotto Tartufo and Pasta Seafood. Is your mouth watering already? Then check out the full descriptions on our menu.

Vega delicious!
Looking for a place where you can eat delicious vega food? You’ve been able to do so at Happy Italy for quite some time, because our menu features many plant-based choices. And did you desire another dish? Then we have great news: all our pizzas and pastas can now be prepared without meat and with plant-based cheese and/or plant-based sauce!

Happy Kids
We have also thought about our youngest fans, because our kids menu has also expanded. Besides the indispensable classics such as Pasta Pomodoro and Pizza Margherita, kids can now also choose a Pizza Hawaii or Pasta Pesto and a colorful Unicorn Pizza! And last-but-not least, we are also introducing our new Decorate pizzas, where kids can decorate their own pizza with sweet or savory toppings.

Sounds good right? Visit Happy Italy anytime soon to try our renewed menu for yourself!