Crazy uit je comfortzone

Do you dare to step out of your comfort zone? Life is too short for boring dishes! Challenge your taste buds and go wild with our Crazy specials. Are you up for a spontaneous adventure that will make you happy? Then don’t hesitate and sprint to Happy Itlay, because before you know it they will be gone again!

Pizza Frikandel Special
Put that good old pizza Margherita aside, it’s time for something new! Frikandel on a pizza? Simply possible! Please note: this special is not for the culinary faint-hearted. Go on an adventure and discover the best of both worlds with our Pizza Frikandel Special. A new guilty pleasure is born.

Bubble Tea Pizza
Tantalize your taste buds with our bold Bubble Tea Pizza. Sink your teeth into a crispy base covered with sweet cream, popping strawberry bubbles and fruity pearls. Heavenly flavor explosions guaranteed with every bite.

Happy Nacho’s
If YOLO is your middle name, then spontaneously enjoying our Happy Nacho’s is something for you. Prepare for one big party on your plate. Crunchy tortilla chips, topped with cheese and bruschetta tomato mix, pesto oil and sour cream. Enjoy the moment!

Pizza Fragola

Offday? Let the sun shine with our Pizza Fragola. This sweet taste sensation topped with summer strawberries and mascarpone immediately gives a happy twist to your day.

*Our Crazy specials can be ordered until June 11, 2024, so make a reservation or just drop by!